PARKS REPORT: Stoepel Park

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Stoepel Park

Coming to Stoepel Park, visitors will notice the prevailing theme of baseball and unity which is captured beautifully in the mosaic tile murals constructed by Hubert Massey. Massey has crafted various murals in Metro Detroit and his work here will inspire the next generation of All-Stars! 

Stoepel Park features 4 baseball diamonds where local youth and adults play in competitive leagues and hone in on their skills.

For those of you, like me, who lack the patients required to stand in the outfield for hours on end, Stoepel Park offers other forms of recreation including: Tennis courts, exercise equipment, 2 playground areas, football/soccer field, picnic area, and walking course. 

Do mind the fly balls when teams are practicing; I got cracked in the head pretty good by one!

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