PARKS REPORT: Skinner Playfield

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Skinner Playfield

Denby students, teachers and neighbors recreated Skinner Playfield 

This week I’ve taken the first request to check out a park from one of our readers ! We love when our adventurers get involved! Beau recommended we visit Skinner Playfield located at 12800 Kelly Road in the neighborhood of Denby. 

As you’ll notice from the park placard, this space is unique. It wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the efforts of the Denby students, along with their teachers and neighbors who envisioned the plan for this park.

These folks transformed Skinner Playfield, once a 6-acre practice pitch, into a lively park safe for kids from the surrounding areas to walk to their nearby school, Denby High School. There is a playground area where I met cousins (right to left) Dior, Liryc, Aliese, Ella, Layia, Jordan, Jaden, and Aalyiah who were playing on the swings (which by far was my favorite recess activity as a youngster!) 

Also featured in the park are 2 basketball courts, the football/soccer field, walking path, and picnic area which is exquisitely completed in a modern architectural style featuring rigid triangles. The swooping diagonal patterns suggest the rush of kinetic motion, as seen in the body during play!

The Parks Report is part of a Planet Detroit series that focuses on a new Detroit park each week. Follow Zaire’s journey on Instagram @planetdetroitnews for more!


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