PARKS REPORT: Bishop DIY Skatepark

Find your way to this park!

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Find your way to this park!

Bishop DIY Skatepark

This week I journeyed to Bishop DIY Skatepark located at 6017 Grand River Ave right behind Northwestern High School. Bishop Skatepark is the product of COVID-19 induced ingenuity! Started by Jamison Shaffer in April of 2021 and later with community participation, the park transformed what was once any other slab of derelict Detroit concrete into a paradise for skaters, rollerblades, and BMXers. 

The park features a grungy midwestern vibe showcasing graffiti, psychedelic murals, and textural elements. “No Abusers” can be read in large crimson letters, denoting that this park was a passionate endeavor dedicated to those who love to skate and look to preserve the spot. Included in the course are rails, boxes, quarter pipes, and other obstacles. 

While out at the skatepark I met brothers Jacob and Ted Hardwick from St. Clair Shores. They told me, “This was our first time skating here, we just got into skating around the time of the pandemic. We’ve been to other places in Detroit but this spot has some great art!” 

Bishop DIY Skatepark was featured as one of the hottest pandemic pop up parks in the New York-based skateboarding magazine Jenkem. Come check this place out!

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