PARKS REPORT: Gabriel Richard Park

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Gabriel Richard Park

Gabriel Richard Park located at 7130 E Jefferson near Belle Isle is a wonderful green space featuring walking and biking paths, seated areas to enjoy watching butterflies and wild birds, and an amphitheater, making this a cozy spot to grab a coffee and catch up with a neighbor. 

Trees and wide open meadows create a peaceful environment for personal activities like yoga and calisthenics. I enjoyed stretching with the geese at the edge of the water after a long Jujitsu practice!

Father Gabriel Richard, (Rish-ARD) who this park is named after, was born in Saintonge, France, and barely escaped with his neck intact following tensions between the social elites and the peasant classes leading to the French Revolution. Fr. Richard arrived in Detroit in 1798 and served the needs of the community as a minister, educator, and congressman until his death in 1832, while consoling victims of the Cholera epidemic.  

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