PARKS REPORT: Pingree Park

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Pingree Park

Pingree Park located at 8501 E Canfield Street is a small park great to take your kids to on a hot day. The park features mature trees that completely shade sitting areas and the playground, allowing kids to play and grown ups to supervise without getting too warm in the sun. Attached around the park are flyers showcasing upcoming events geared toward youth and teens. I saw one flyer announcing a 3 on 3 basketball tournament set for June 26th and also classes for Jr. cheerleading happens here at the park. Pingree Park is complete with a picnic barbecue station, basketball courts, playground, and baseball/soccer/football fields. 

This community is really tied into their parks and recently neighbors have asked the Detroit Police Department to monitor reckless driving that takes place in the neighborhood. When driving to the park, make sure you slow down for the speed bumps. 

Another thing I noticed while being out at Pingree is the amount of trash that accumulates at the basketball courts. Discarded masks and empty water bottles seem to miss their mark on their way to the trash cans. 

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