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Jayne Park

Jayne Park located at 13280 Conant Street next to the Frontier International Academy is still in the process of being renovated, but it’s open for everyone to have a good time.

This large recreation area features 2 soccer fields, 2 baseball/softball diamonds, 2 playground areas, pavilions, paved walking track, and a children’s splash pad which is temporarily out of order. The park has a colorful mural decorating one of the baseball buildings and the expanse of sports fields make for a scenic trip around the walking course. Areas of the park have open patches of mud due to the rainy weather we’ve been having. The maintenance crews are rapidly treating the areas with grass seed to button up the park’s aesthetic quality.   

Out at the park today I met Billy Terry who was practicing his golf swing on one of the empty baseball diamonds. Terry says he comes to the park regularly following his retirement from Chrysler. He picked up golf as a hobby in his free time and is eager to see the park fully complete. “It’s practically done and it looks much better than what it was. I see people playing soccer and cricket, there’s areas for picnics now and the kids can play in the water here. ” 

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