Inundated: Flooding and vulnerable communities in the Great Lakes region

A six-part collaboration — “Inundated: Flooding and vulnerable communities in the Great Lakes region” — tells the story of climate change and flooding in the Great Lakes. The partnership includes the Institute for Nonprofit News, Borderless, Ensia, Grist, Planet Detroit, Sahan Journal and Wisconsin Watch, as well as the Guardian and Inside Climate News. The project was supported by the Joyce Foundation. 

Milwaukee residents fear more flooding due to planned I-94 expansion 

Two extra highway lanes will add 29 acres of asphalt next to Near West Side Milwaukee neighborhoods that already face flood risks.

On Chicago’s South Side, neighbors fight to keep Lake Michigan at bay

Flaws in federal flood maps leave millions unprepared. Some are trying to fix that.

Inundation and Injustice: Flooding presents a formidable threat to the Great Lakes region

Throughout the Great Lakes region, archaic wastewater systems, crumbling infrastructure and segregated housing create a perfect storm of flooding vulnerability.

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