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Butzel Park

Butzel park is a medium-sized park located at 7737 Kercheval Ave. next to the Garvey Academy that features basketball courts, baseball/softball diamond, playground, picnic pavilions, sitting area, and paved walking track. This park hosts a rec center funded by the Parks and Recreation Department called the Butzel Family Center which is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. Some amenities included inside are a computer lab, banquet hall, and kitchen just to name a few. 

Butzel Park has fun programming for the youth this summer geared to get them out of the house and active again. The Pistons Neighbors Program provides safe outdoor activities from June 2- September 5th. Some activities planned include a basketball training program, live music and dancing, yoga, and art. A detailed schedule can be found online at

While out at the park, I met Davonte King and Lenard Kiner, carpenters who just finished a day’s work and looked to unwind while shooting some hoops. Both expressed that they had come to the park as kids and were glad to see the renovations to the park. “Everything was different then, you didn’t have the jungle scape, the rocks, or the hill wasn’t here before. The basketball court was remodeled about last year and I needed to get on the court. It’s nostalgic to see how things are changing but I hope they paint the court and add a swimming pool as they had before.”

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