PARKS REPORT: 4th Street Charlotte Park

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4th Street Charlotte Park

Located at the corner of 4th Street and Charlotte is the 4th St Charlotte Park, a small recreation space featuring two basketball courts, pavilion, and BBQ area. One of the two basketball courts has been remodeled with Detroit Pistons-themed bright blue-and-red asphalt, whereas the other court features chipped and cracking concrete and a rusty fence. Hoopers here must have thought they won a championship game, because the nets are also missing here too.   

Fortunately, the city of Detroit has begun the initiative to remodel up to 60 basketball courts between 2018 and 2023, and neighbors hope that the second court will be up to quality standards. A 2020 plan by the city is looking to expand this park and add more amenities. On this rainy day, no one was out on the courts except for a gaggle of geese passing through and bathing themselves in the puddles. 

This park also hosts one of Elevate Detroit’s Communi-D areas, where the community gets together to have monthly barbecues.

Due to Covid and time constraints, they’ve not had an event here since June of 2020.  In the interim, people have still been using the pavilion and sadly, have left trash all over the place. 

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