PARKS REPORT: Dueweke Park

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Dueweke Park

Dueweke Park located at 4975 Sheridan Street features a large basket court, picnic area, playground, and walking course. The park is named in honor of Sylvester L. Dueweke, a local man who fought and died in World War II earning a Purple Heart and the Air Medal for acts of heroism. Dueweke grew up at 4811 Sheridan Street and the old family house where he grew up was destroyed to make room for the park. Dueweke park has been in this spot for 61 years!

Approaching the park large stones are placed around the perimeter to outline the designated play area. The sharp contrast of vertices coupled with the circular design of the pavilion and the network of walking paths are great elements of a flowing landscape. This park had one of the tallest slides I’ve seen while exploring the parks and it was fun to slide down it! At the top of the slide, you can see the entire park which kids will enjoy.

Dueweke park had a lot of trash that had blown all around the park. A group of men I encountered mentioned “Sunday Funday’s” where a lot of people gather together in the parks. They had cited this as the probable cause for why the park looks like a tornado flew around.

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