PARKS REPORT: Delores Bennett Park

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Bennett Park

Bennett Park, located at 444 Smith Street, is a small-sized park with a lot of activities. The park is shaded by huge trees and features basketball courts refurbished by the Detroit Pistons, a picnic area, playground, splash pad, workout machines, and a tattered old volleyball net that is still functional. 

In the center of the park is a stone with a placard dedicated to Delores Bennett, who this park was named after. Bennett was a Wayne County commissioner for the 8th district and had a fondness for the youth of Detroit. She established the North End Youth Improvement Council and was an advocate for year round programming for education and recreation for Detroit’s Youth. 

Out at the park today, I met Sharon O. and her young grandson who enjoys playing at this park despite no longer living in the area. Sharon told me that she grew up in the North End and was touched by the work of Delores Bennett. “She always gave back to the community, her adopt-a-child program during Christmas allowed kids to get nice new toys and gifts during the holiday season.” Sharon went on to say that Mayor Coleman Young was an adoptee of one of her relatives and looks forward to the programs restart following the pandemic.

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