PARKS REPORT: Elmwood Central Park

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Elmwood Central Park

Located at 1499 Chene sits Elmwood Central Park,  a large green space that features a playground and walking area whose pathways cross between residential apartments. Since the layout of the park encompasses living spaces, there are 4 ways to enter the park: St. Aubin Street, Pembridge Place, and Antietam Avenue with the main entrance showcasing the sign located on E. Lafayette. 

Taking a stroll on the walking course, you will be greeted by park wildlife like the territorial black squirrels and Canadian geese that graze nearby. Watching out for geese droppings is a must and your downward gaze will call attention to the cracking concrete located on some parts of the walking path. 

The landscape provides a scenic view of the apartment buildings and large shade trees shade over the park benches. Along the walking path, two squared blocked concrete designs seem a bit out of place as a display, but make for a good resting area. There are a series of other parks in this area that are all accessible by foot, which makes this a great area for jogging or long walks.

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