PARKS REPORT: Lafayette Park

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Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park located at 1592 Antietam Ave. is a large park spanning 3 areas Lafayette Entry, Lafayette Central, and Lafayette Plaissance. Each part of the park is separated by a two lane road with paved sidewalks progressing you toward Lafayette Plasissance where the majority of the park activities are located.

Along the walking path that ciriscrosses the park from the entry point on East Jefferson Ave, visitors will encounter shaded pathways covered by weeping willows which add to the scenery and seclusion of this park. The shaded lawn is a perfect spot for dog walkers and parents taking their kids on a stroll. As you follow the walking path which leads thru Lafayette Central and across East Lafayette street, you will come to the last segment of that park which features one lone basketball hoop, playground, soccer field, and tennis courts. 

Lafayette park has been here since 1956 and is recognized as a historically icon in Detroit. The park was once the location of Black Bottom, a sufficient African-American community that encompassed Black owned businesses, schools, and churches. In the 1950’s, the location was razed by the city forcing those who lived here to relocate. The residence that grew up here in the 50’s have still kept close ties as there are several Black Bottom church still standing that serve as a gathering place for its residence.

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