PARKS REPORT: Murphy Playlot

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Murphy Playlot

This week’s parks report is dedicated to Greg Mudge, who stewarded this park across the street from his restaurant.

Located at 1300 Porter Street next to Mudgie’s Deli sits the small but well-kept Murphy Playlot.

This area features a playground, half-court basketball hoop, little free library, swing set, jungle gym, and sitting area complete with a chess/checker table. Encircling the park there is an enclosed fence and lying outside the park, visitors can see beautiful street art and murals on the building adjacent to it. 

Here at the park today I met Amy Haldeman and her kids as they were playing in the park. The Haldeman family travels full-time around the U.S. and stopped in Detroit for some exploration. While visiting here, the family has made their way to Belle Isle and look to check out some other amenities in the city. The Haldeman kids enjoyed playing on the jungle gym and the park offers a family-friendly atmosphere which Amy and her husband appreciated.   

The Parks Report is a series that focuses on a new Detroit park each week. Follow Zaire’s journey on Instagram @planetdetroitnews for more!


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