POEM: ‘take up space’

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take up space

and be a Garden

welcome seeds of knowledge home

loving, naming

splitting open

knowledge means

to know

spread fireseeds

like bits of ember

sparks from sorrowed hearts

cradled and tendered

in tangles and brambles

pierce earth softly

making mesh

take up space

and be a Forest

which at times must burn,

the unbodied must rot

diversity thriving

in sunlit gaps

of breathing giants

there are those that wish

to take up space

and be an island

mining sand

from other shores

melting ancient bones to guns

to play their games of war

so we must spread

like eclipse over Golgotha

the sky dressed in

mourning shroud

sheltering in shadows

the ones

we’ve almost lost

take up space

and tell a Story

let not one beauty be forgone

the cells we share

will thank us some day

in their new bodies

lake or stone


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