It’s officially the final day of our 7-Day Food Waste Challenge. Congrats on making it to the end!

We hope you learned some things, picked up new habits, and feel inspired by the opportunities for creativity and community that food waste presents. 

Today, we’re encouraging you to share. 

Maybe you made a whole lasagna for a household of two. Or you got the itch to bake a big batch of cookies you know you won’t finish. Were eggs finally on sale and you stocked up without a plan to use them all? 

Consider sharing the wealth. 

Take some lasagna to a friend who hates cooking, share those cookies with your co-workers, or drop a carton of eggs off with the family next door. 

Truly fighting food waste will take a cultural shift in how we value food. That sounds like a big task, but we can start by making some shifts within our own communities by creating a culture of sharing the surplus. 

Sharing food means helping our friends and neighbors, building a stronger community, and spreading the message that food is too important to waste. It also makes you a better person, according to science

So your task today is to share food with someone. You can even enlist the help of an app if you’re not sure where to start. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture, just a start toward building an ongoing practice of valuing food and sharing with those in your community. 


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