A celebration of fresh air

This project is a celebration, an invitation, and a meditation. We live on occupied lands and justice requires we all intentionally shift our relationship to time and space. Or shifts will be forced upon us.

The Detroit trash incinerator has been the site of 30+ years of environmental justice and community struggle. See Courtney Wise Randolph’s story for more context about these struggles. Let’s celebrate what the facility’s closing can mean to a city that has long been overburdened by industrial toxicity.

We invite you to meditate on fresh air — its scarcity, its possibility and its deliciousness. And we celebrate with Detroit’s air — molecules that can vibrate a little freer without having to carry the burden of the smells, sounds and particles of the region’s waste.  In this appreciation, we invite you to slow down and touch down onto other time frames besides the incessant rush that causes our breathing to shallow and our stress to escalate.  While the political victory can be claimed by the community as a whole we translated our celebration to an intimate ceremony as sometimes that which we hold sacred needs to be held closely. We invite you to realign your relationship with the natural world acknowledging however– small or large, old or new– it shows up for you.


Inviting the blessings of our ancestors “Find a stone that resonates with you. We invite you to take some deep breaths with a stone family member.


A visual lyrical journey towards fresh air and community power “Remember how it feels when you breathe a sigh of relief.”


A ceremonial collaboration by Owólabi Aboyade, Giizhigad, Bridget Quinn

Visuals by Giizhigad

The Beast is Dead lyrics by Will See (Man on Fire EP). Original song can be found here.

Thanks to all those humans and spirits who participated in the ritual(s) surrounding the creation of this process/ media.


Our reporting 

runs deep.

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