Owólabi Aboyade Giizhigad Bridget Quinn

***Owólabi Aboyade is a father, poet, MC, essayist and portal hopper. Owólabi crafts portals to holistic liberation, constructing anthems, essays, care circles, and international delegations as mutative forms of exchange. He brings 20 years of cultural facilitation and organization practice focused on environmental justice, disability justice, and New Afrikan sovereignties against material and spiritual modes of colonization. ***Giizhigad [Christy B.] [she/her/they/them] is an Anishinaabe artist, filmmaker & cultural producer based in Detroit. As a storyteller through the main medium of film, she is building a practice of filmmaking that actively embodies liberation by utilizing a creative process that is participatory, organic and emergent in how the stories and people on the other side of the lens are in active engagement, dialogue, dance and solidarity with the creative concepts conveyed. ***Bridget Quinn is an artist, activist and experimental nature therapy guide descended from European settlers. Through earth-centred creative practices that include ritual, object making, and performance she tunes her attention to the sacredness of everyday life within nearby ecologies. She invites friends to sing in stormwater tunnels, share meals on traffic islands and to connect with all that lives below what the cognitive mind can “know” into the fertile ground of imagination and embodied experience.

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